I look mighty fine when I run around in a mankini.

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I bet I scared you.

“Hey.. Gummy-butt, lets play Truth or Dare!” Marshall Lee smirked at the Prince. “Why the Hell should I you ass-hole?” He grumbled. “Come on dude! It will be amazing!”

“Uh-huh.. Sure… if you say so… but no, I don’t want to play” Gumball grunted. Marshall Lee floated next to the annoyed boy “B-but.. Lets just play one game! JUST ONE.. Come on dude, Just one!” Yelling hoping to make PG give in.

“Fine! One game… ONE” Gumball got up, took off his glasses and walked to the living room. “I’ll start.. Marshall Lee. Truth or Dare…?”

“Dare!” Marshall Lee exclaimed

“Okay… Um… hmm… Go uh… Oh! Go over to Fionna’s and steal a piece of her clothing!” Prince Bubblegum’s face turned a light red just thinking about it.

“Dude.. you just want her panties!” A pervy grin went on his face. Marshall Lee jumped out the window before Prince Gumball could even argue.

Minutes later Marshall Lee comes back with panties in his hand, and a red hand mark on his cheek “Totally worth it!” Marsh tosses the panties at Prince Gumballs face. “W-WHAT THE HELL… I DON’T WANT FIONNA’S PANTIES.. I ALREADY SAID” Gumballs face turned red as an apple. “O-oh Kay…. your turn………….”

“Okay! Gummy-Butt TRUTH or DARE”


“Oh… Bad idea Gummy. I dare you to… go outside and walk around the Candy Kingdom in… a mankini!” Marshall Lee started to giggle just of the thought of it.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I CAN’T DO SUCH A THING!” Gumballs face was even redder… How in the world could he show off his gumballs to all of his people.. It would ruin him.

“Hey dude.. It’s a Dare, and you don’t want to be Wussy. DO YOU?!” Marshall Lee was being serious. “You can’t just wuss out like that.. You HAVE to do it…” Marshall Lee grunted, he floated away to get the black mankini.

He came back with the mankini in his hands “WEAR IT!” He shoved the mankini in gumballs hands and pushed him the bathroom. “If you don’t come out of that bathroom in that mankini. I will annoy you till you die”

“FUC… FINE… FINE” He slammed the door. He mumbled to himself… “Thisisjustgreat” “Okay.. I’m done!” He slowly walked out of the bathroom.

“FFFFFFf—- OH MAI GLOB… AHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Marshall Lee fell to the floor at the sight of Gumballs… Gumballs. “O-oh god! G-go outside… and work your stuff man!”

“F-fine…” Gumball slowly went outside to his kingdom… Walking down the street the women giggled. The men hid. The Mothers covered their children’s eyes.

“Just Great” Gumball grumbled.

I fail.. dear lord. I’m sorry I scared you all… I’m not good at story’s but I still hope you like it… -rubs back of neck-

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Man is not man until man man’s a mankini.

In other news, this made it in the dictionary. Be proud, world.

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